10 Proven Tips for Dressing to Impress in Your Next Job Interview

Does the following story sound familiar to you?

"I still remember my first job interview like it was yesterday. I showed up in a wrinkled shirt, with a tie that was too short and shoes that had seen better days. Needless to say, I didn't get the job."

Luckily, that was not a personal experience, but I know many people out there have gone through similar situations that could've costed them important opportunities in their careers.

That's why I'm excited to share with you my top 10 tips for dressing to impress in a job interview. These tips will not only help you look your best but also feel confident and comfortable during the interview process.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the world of job interview attire.

Research the Company and Dress Code

Researching the company culture and dress code is essential before choosing what to wear for a job interview.

Take the time to research the company's website, social media pages, and any other available resources to get a sense of their culture and dress code.

Once you have an understanding of the company's culture and dress code, choose an outfit that reflects that culture while still allowing you to look your best.

If you're unsure about what to wear, it's always better to err on the side of being overdressed rather than underdressed.

Plan Your Outfit in Advance

Planning ahead is key to a successful job interview. You don't want to wake up on the day of the interview and frantically try to put together an outfit.

Trust me, I've been there before and it's definitely not a good look.

I would recommend you start by checking the weather forecast, so you can plan your outfit accordingly.

You don't want to show up to an interview in a heavy wool suit on a scorching summer day, or wear a light linen suit when it's freezing outside.

Next, lay out your outfit the night before. This will save you time and stress on the day of the interview. Plus, it will give you a chance to make sure everything is clean, ironed, and fits properly.

Remember, the goal is to look polished and put-together, without being too flashy or distracting. Planning your outfit in advance will save you lots of headaches and will set you up for success in the interview.

Always Choose Appropriate Attire

When it comes to choosing your outfit for a job interview, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it's important to dress appropriately for the occasion.

Generally, this means wearing a suit or blazer with dress pants.

Of course, it's not that simple and there are more things to keep in mind.

You'll want to make sure that the suit or blazer you choose is appropriate for the company and industry you're interviewing for.

Despite my passion for three-piece suits, you don't want to show up in a three-piece suit if everyone else in the office is wearing just jeans and a t-shirt!

When it comes to choosing the color and style of your suit or blazer, it's best to be cautious. Stick with conservative colors like navy, black, or gray, and avoid anything that is too flashy or distracting.

Remember, your goal here is to make a good impression and show that you're a serious candidate for the job, not to show off your fashion sense.

Moving on, let's talk a bit about body types.

Dress to impress in a job interview

Dress for Your Body Type

When it comes to dressing for a job interview, it's important to keep your body type in mind.

After all, you want to wear clothing that makes you look and feel your best!

Start by identifying your body type, whether you're athletic, short, or something else.

This will help you choose clothing that flatters your physique and emphasizes your best features.

For example, if you have an athletic build, you may want to choose clothing that emphasizes your broad shoulders and muscular frame.

On the other hand, if you're pear-shaped, you may want to choose clothing that balances out your proportions and draws attention to your upper body.

We'll cover specific tips for different male body types in a future post, so stay tuned.

No matter what your body type is, it's important to avoid clothing that emphasizes problem areas.

This can include clothing that's too tight or too loose, as well as clothing with distracting patterns or designs. Stick to classic, simple pieces that flatter your body type and let your personality shine through.

Remember, dressing for your body type isn't about conforming to society's standards of beauty or following trends. It's about choosing clothing that makes you feel confident, so you can focus on acing your job interview!

Keep It Simple and Classy

When it comes to dressing for a job interview, it's important to keep it simple and classic.

You want to make a good impression on your potential employer, but you really also don't want to come across as trying too hard. Stick to classic styles and colors that are timeless and professional.

I would recommend you avoid trendy or overly flashy clothing that could be distracting or make you stand out for the wrong reasons.

The focus should always be on your qualifications and skills, not your style choices, no matter how they important are to you in your every day life. Opt for simple accessories that complement your outfit without overpowering it.

Remember, the goal is to look polished and put-together, not to make a statement with your style choices. By keeping it simple and classic, you'll show that you have good taste and an understanding of professional dress.

how to dress for a job interview for men

Pay Attention to Fit

When it comes to dressing for a job interview, the fit of your clothes is just as important as the style. You don't want to look like you're drowning in fabric or squeezing into a shirt that's two sizes too small.

You want to look like you know exactly what you're doing.

First of all, make sure your clothes fit you properly. That means no baggy pants, no saggy sleeves, and no shirts that are too tight.

You don't want to be constantly adjusting your clothes during the interview or feeling uncomfortable because your clothes are too tight or too loose.

If you're not sure what size you are or how clothes are supposed to fit, don't be afraid to ask for help. I would say many men out there don't pay much attention to the fit of their clothes and just find it hard to ask somebody else for guidance.

Don't be like that.

You can visit a tailor or a department store employee with experience taking measurements, who can help you find the right size for your clothes.

Remember, a good fit is all about balance. You want your clothes to fit you snugly, but not so tight that you can't move around comfortably. And you want your clothes to hang off your body in a way that's flattering, but not so loose that you look like you're wearing a potato sack.

So, take the time you need to try on different sizes and styles until you find the perfect fit for you. Trust me, it'll be worth the effort.

Details are Important. Don't Forget About Them

Alright, gentlemen, let's talk about the details.

You might think that your outfit is complete once you've put on your shirt, pants, and shoes, but you're missing out on an opportunity to take your look to the next level.

Paying attention to the details can really make you stand out and show that you're someone who takes real pride in their appearance.

So, what details should you be thinking about? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Accessories: A tie, pocket square, or watch can add some personality to your outfit and help you stand out. Just make sure they're appropriate for the occasion and don't clash with your outfit. And as always, less can be more when it comes to accessorizing, specially for a job interview.

  2. Grooming: A clean-shaven face or well-kept facial hair, well-groomed hair, and trimmed, clean nails are all important details that can make a big difference in your appearance.

  3. Shoes: Your shoes can say a lot about you, so make sure they're clean and in good condition. If you're wearing dress shoes, make sure they're polished and match your belt (if you are wearing one).

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Remember, it's the little things that count, and paying attention to the details can make all the difference in how you're perceived. So take a few extra minutes to make sure everything is in place before you head out the door.

Make Sure Your Clothes are Clean and Pressed

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many guys show up to interviews with wrinkled, stained or dirty clothes. Yes, it really happens.

It doesn't matter if you're wearing a $3,000 suit or a $30 blazer, if it's wrinkled and stained, it's never going to make a good impression.

So, take the time to properly launder and press your clothes before your interview. Make sure they are free of wrinkles, stains, and odors. If you're not sure how to properly iron your clothes, there are plenty of online tutorials and videos available to help you out.

In fact, if you'd like me to cover all you need to know about properly laundering and ironing your clothes in a future post, leave a comment and let me know!

If you're short on time, you can also consider taking your clothes to a dry cleaner or utilizing a steamer to freshen them up quickly. You know I love steamers and I believe it's a must-have for all men.

Trust me, the effort you put into making sure your clothes are clean and pressed will not go unnoticed by your interviewer.

Remember, your appearance is a reflection of your attention to detail and professionalism.

So, before your next interview, be sure to inspect your clothes and give them a proper cleaning and pressing if needed.

Yes, even no-brainers need a reminder sometimes.

Dress Comfortably

As important as it is to dress appropriately for a job interview, it's equally important to feel comfortable in what you're wearing. After all, you don't want to be fidgeting and adjusting your clothing during the interview.

For dapper men who love wearing suits, as it is the majority of readers of this men's style blog and followers on my social media, it can be tempting to wear your fanciest and most elaborate suit to the interview. However, keep in mind that you want to be comfortable and able to move around freely.

Opt for a suit made from a lightweight fabric that won't make you feel too hot or uncomfortable during the interview, depending on weather conditions, of course.

You can also choose a suit that has a bit of stretch to it, so you won't feel constricted when sitting or moving around. Pair your suit with a comfortable dress shirt that won't chafe or irritate your skin, and choose dress shoes that are broken in and comfortable to walk in.

Keep in mind, there is always a perfect middle ground between dapperness and comfort. Aim to find that balance.

Remember, you want to make a great impression during the interview, and that means being confident and comfortable in your own skin. By choosing attire that is both professional and comfortable, you'll be able to focus on the interview itself and let your skills and qualifications shine through.

Confidence is Key

Finally, one of the most important tips for dressing to impress in a job interview is to exude confidence. You can have the best outfit in the world, but if you're not confident in yourself, it will show.

Believe me, it will.

I've personally experienced the importance of being confident in an interview. When I'm confident, I'm able to answer questions more thoughtfully, engage with the interviewer more effectively, and overall present myself in a more positive light.

Here are some quick tips for building confidence:

  • Practice common interview questions with a friend or family member
  • Take deep breaths and focus on your posture before entering the interview
  • Remind yourself of your qualifications and strengths

Confidence is something that can be built up over time with practice and preparation. So, even if you're feeling nervous, take a deep breath, straighten your tie, and go in there with confidence.

You got this!

In Conclusion

Dressing to impress for a job interview is an important part of making a good impression on your potential employer.

By following these 10 tips that I just shared with you, you can ensure that you show up looking professional, polished, and confident.

Remember to research the company's culture and dress code, plan your outfit in advance, choose appropriate attire for your body type, keep it simple and classic, pay attention to fit, and don't forget the details.

Additionally, make sure your clothes are clean and pressed, dress comfortably, and remember that confidence is key.

At the end of the day, it's important to remember that dressing well for a job interview is not just about impressing your potential employer, but also about feeling good about yourself. When you look good, you feel good, and that confidence can go a long way in making a positive impression.

So, take the time to invest in your appearance and remember that a little effort can go a long way in helping you land your dream job.

All the best,


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