I cannot believe it's almost here.

After days that turned into weeks that turned into months that turned into more than a year, Ed Ruiz Menswear is almost ready to see the light of day.

Ed Ruiz Menswear Logo

A small, but great collection of neckties from someone like you, a man who is seriously passionate about his love for ties.

100% silk, 3.5 inch neckties with amazing designs and a lot, and I mean A LOT of heart behind them.

I cannot wait for the store to finally be open to all, start receiving your orders and get you all dappered up with these ties.

But there's still so much work to do. So many sleepless nights I need to complete before the store is ready for its full launch. Every day, however, that goal feels and looks closer.

It won't be long now. Please be patient.

Thank you very much.


Ed Ruiz.

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