Honestly, it felt like years!


It has actually been years. Yes, it has been literally more than a year since I first announced that I would be launching a men's accessories brand (back then under the working name of Ed Ruiz Ties - how limited was I in my plans and strategy!).

But hey, the great news is that it is finally happening.

And you know, they say things happen at the right time for a reason. At least I've heard that being said and I do believe that to be true. That is how I see it anyway.

Okay So The Store Is Now Live. Now What?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

The next step for you is quite simple: please start navigating the store, browse through the amazing 3.5 inch wide neckties in different designs that are available at this moment, pick the ones you like the best and get to shopping.

Now the next step for me is to get to work -to keep working- on making the store better, fulfilling orders, continue promoting my online platforms (by the way, if this is the first time we meet, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram), coming up with more tie designs and well... you get the idea, it never ends.

Just when you think you have crossed a portal to the other side, it turns out the other side has more work and more challenges than the previous room you found yourself in previously.

But that's good. I'm excited and feel ready for the challenges life will throw my way in this new chapter.

Bring it on!


Hey, just before you x out of this post, I have one favor to ask you. If when navigating through the store you find any problems or encounter any malfunctions, please contact me here or reach out to me on any social media platforms. I am still testing things, so your help will be immensely appreciated.

Thank you.


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