Soon after launching the store I knew I wanted to reward loyalty to the brand.

I always felt it would be important to bring the exact same sense of community that I take pride in having built around my online and social media presence to the Ed Ruiz Menswear store.

So without further ado let me introduce you to...

Ed Ruiz Menswear Rewards Program

Step one: Register here. Signing up is necessary to ensure you get points awarded to your account.

Now, being as short as I possibly can, you can earn points (which I have decided to call Dapper Points, some of you may know why *wink*) by taking different actions on the store or through various events.

Here's an up-to-date list of ways to earn points in the store, but please stay stuned cause I am always looking for ways to expand this list.

  • Signup: 200 points - automatically added to your account after creating your account. If should take you no more than 1 minute to create it (trust me, I tried it myself) and once registered, you can start collecting points right away!). Register here.
  • Place an order: 5 points for every $1 spent
  • Celebrate your birthday: 200 points - automatically added to your account on your birthday.  There is a one month gap from the moment of registration for these points to be granted to your account. This is to avoid abuse of the program. Do not worry, you will get these points on your account on your next birthday for sure!
  • Follow @edruizmenswear on Instagram: 50 points*
  • Like @edruizmenswear on Facebook: 50 points*
  • Share the store on Facebook: 50 points*

*As Instagram and Facebook do not allow for full integration, the system cannot automatically grant you these points. However, please email me or reach out to me on any social media platform and request your points if you have helped me promote the store with these options. I will gladly add them to your account manually.

What Do I Get? What Are Those Dapper Points Good For?

 All the points you get for the aforementioned actions you can take on the store, can be exchanged for discount coupons. For example, 600 points can be exchanged for a $6 coupon. Or 2000 points can be exchanged for a $20 coupon.

    Ed Ruiz Menswear Neckties Loyalty Program Points

    Refer A Friend And Get A Discount Code

    While similar in many ways to the ways to earn points listed below, referrals do not accumulate points, instead $10 coupons get automatically granted to your account after the friend you referred has made a purchase - and hey, what's really cool is that your friend will also get a $10 coupon along with your referral so they can have the opportunity to give Ed Ruiz neckties or future products a try.

    Ed Ruiz Menswear Loyalty Program Refer a Friend

    How To Redeem Your Rewards

    Well, it really couldn't be simpler. Whenever you're navigating the store, make sure you are logged in and you will see the Rewards icon in the bottom right corner of your screen (on mobile you will see it as a black crown icon on a white circle).

    Ed Ruiz Menswear Loyalty Rewards Icon

    Click on this button and you will see a quick list of your accumulated points, your rewards and your personalized links to refer a friend. You can pretty much control everything about the Loyalty Program by using this button.

    it's a real piece of cake.

    Start Earning Points, Rewards and Coupons Now!

    There is really not much more left to be said, other than extend a personal invitation to all of you to start using this rewards program right away. It's a very simple way to get your well-deserved rewards for your support and loyalty to this new brand, as ultimately, it really is in your hands what the future of the brand will be.


    Being a new program, it is understandable that you may have questions. As a matter of fact, I still have a few questions that I am working out along the way.

    If you have any concerns, questions, comments, doubts or anything you'd like to engage with me regarding how this program works, how points work, how rewards work or how anything works for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact me by using this contact form or reaching out to me on my social media accounts on Instagram or Facebook (just a heads up - remember my username changed recently, so make sure you're using the correct profile to contact me).

    Thank you

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