I just can't believe it's been a month (actually, about a month and a half) since I launched Ed Ruiz Menswear.

And what an amazing ride these first month has been!

Regardless of anything else I could say in this blog post, the fact that Ed Ruiz Menswear is now a reality is the biggest accomplishment so far, perhaps in my entire life.


Well, it means that I have finally beat the demon of fear. Yes, I do call it a demon because fear can only properly be discribed as such. It can be with you, silently following your every move and influencing every decision you make and eventually, it will ruin your life.

That is, if you let it win.

I, for one, chose not to let him win and decisively went all in with the launch of the brand.

And the results so far have been AMAZING.

Experiences From The 1st Month Post-Launch

There are many things I want to highlight about this first month, but I'll try to focus on the most important ones.

  1. YOUR SUPPORT HAS BEEN INCREDIBLE. Honestly, without all the support from all the members of the community I have managed to build throughout the years, all these good results would not be possible. So thanks to all of you that a part of it and have supported Ed Ruiz Menswear and the first necktie collection I've launched.
  2. MARKETING CAN BE COMPLICATED SOMETIMES. Even though I do have some good experience with online/digital marketing, getting a brand going from absolute scratch can be quite a challenge. Still, I'm seeing it as an opportunity to grow my knowledge in various fields. Just trying to look on the bright side of all things business-related!
  3. ONE PERSON. A MILLION HATS. It's crazy to think how many hats one must wear when trying to run what is practically a one-person business. It's all cool, actually. Again, I see it all as opportunities to grow, but eventually, and if all things go according to plan (they will!), I guess I'll have to find a team to help me out!
  4. NUMBERS AND ANALYTICS. I am not ashamed to admit I am a bit of a numbers and analytics freak. I just love looking at tables and graphs and trends and all that sexy stuff. And coming up with my own reports for the store has been super interesting. Call me a freak, I don't care. I love it. By the way, the top 3 best sellers neckties so far are the following: Mars necktie, Sun necktie and Earth necktie.
  5. MEN INDEED LOVE WIDER TIES. This will require its own blog post where I will go into more detail, but men for sure are loving the 3.5 inch wide neckties that I am offering. No, this is not just guessing on my part, many of you have come to me with this feedback. Right choice was made when I decided to make Ed Ruiz Ties rather wider than the trends for neckties in 2021 may dictate.
Ed Ruiz Menswear Sun Necktie

Those are just a few specific highlights I wanted to shar e with all of you so far, although I could probably just write and write about new experiences, challenges and accomplishments, but I'll leave it at that for now.

What's Coming Next For Ed Ruiz Menswear?

Great things are coming, I can tell you that. Based on all the different lessons I've learned (read previous section of this post), I can come up with better marketing ideas that will be deployed soon!

Second, I am already working on what will eventually be the second collection of Ed Ruiz Menswear ties. It's all in its very initial stages, but things are moving on that front and cannot wait to see this materialize.

Finally, you really have to stay tuned for some very cool announcements about super exciting collaborations I am working with. So you really really really need to keep your antennas high!

Anyways, things are happening. Ideas are brewing in my head and the excitement is at an all-time high.


Oh and before you go, remember to create an account so that you can join the Ed Ruiz Menswear loyalty program, which rewards your support for the brand by giving you points that you can exchange for cool discounts. Read this blog post to learn more about it.


Thanks a lot for all your continuous support.


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