Disclaimer: I'm not really one to get into predictions and even follow trends. I'm really not. However, I thought this would be an interesting, or at the very least, fun exercise in predicting what necktie trends will be for 2022.

If anything, it will be cool to see whether any of these predictions come true or not.

With that out of the way here are...

Ed Ruiz's Predictions of Necktie Trends in 2022

Of course, we could just as easily call this my wishlist for necktie trends in 2022 and the list be exactly the same.

However, and with somehow being a part of this industry, I feel comfortable puttin these out there. We'll see what sticks.

1. The Wide Necktie Will Stay In

Yeah, I said it. And yeah, I am totally biased in my love for wider ties.

It should come as no surprise I even called wide(r) ties, those 3.5" or wider, as the right width for neckties in 2021 already.

One could easily dismiss this as being just one of those items on the list that are nothing but personal wishes.

But no.

The truth is that I do feel wider ties keep gaining acceptance year after year. I would even 4" neckties are starting to be seen more often. And not getting any weird reactions, which is what is really outstanding and further confirms my theory.

Wide neckties will prevail in 2022 because wide neckties rule.

2. Pastels

Usually reserved for Summer and mostly Spring season looks, I think in 2022 there will be a more widespread interesting in pastel colors.

It may be just me, but I feel that it has been the case that in recent years super-saturated colors have been in the lead of necktie enthusiasts.

It feels the time is right for the pendulum to swing back towards more mute, less-saturated hues.

So pastels. More pastels in neckties. That is my second prediction for next year in neckties.

3. Plain Designs

As much as we love patterns on neckties (and let's be honest, we all LOVE patterns), I think 2022 will come with lots of plain tie looks.

Remember a few years ago, perhaps even a decade ago, when monochromatic suit and tie look were dominant?

Remember also how plain ties were a big component of that look?

Well, think something similar for 2022.

"What? Pastels and plain ties together?!" you say? Well, yes.

"Pfffft! You must be crazy!" Yeah well, that too. Sure.

But I just see it happening... and if it is not organically happening then I will somehow, ficticiously make it seem as like it is.

That's how much I want to see this in 2022 with neckties.

4. Then Again, Wide Stripes Will Rule

This is a trend that have I seen appearing already, and I am sure that this will carry on as part of the necktie trends for 2022.

Striped ties have always been fashionable and have been widely accepted.

But 2022 will bring a lot of very wide stripes in all types of different colors combinations (pssst... pastels!).

Super wide, equally-sized stripes is where this trend will live.

So we know/hope wide neckties will rule 2022, but I've been wondering lately, will the necktie ever rule the world? Hmmm...

5. Less Bow Ties

Sadly (and I really mean "sadly"), I feel bow ties have reached peak popularity in recent years.

Sure, we would love to see everyone wearing a bow tie as they would wear a tie, but let's not confuse our wishful thinking with the harsh truth.

In fact, bow ties gained a lot of acceptance in past years, so we have to be thankful for it. I would say we should even feel proud about it, after all, if was us that made it happen.

However, my radar tells me that bow ties will take a backseat again and neckties will a larger share of the neckwear we will see around.

What Are Your Predictions for Necktie Trends in 2022?

Enough of my selfish wishful thinking. Now it's your turn. You get to be the selfish one now.

Leave a comment with your predictions on where necktie trends will take us during the year 2022.

Do you agree with my predictions/wishes? Do you disagree with them?

I want to know what your thoughts are, so comment away!

And don't forget. Whatever you do, you gotta stay classy!


Thanks for reading,



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I think you are dead-on and I agree. Thank you for your insights.

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