Wide neckties rule.

Wide neckties are just the best.

Therefore, you need wide(r) neckties in your tie collection.

Every man does, as a matter of fact.

Simply because I say so?

Of course not!

But yeah, kinda...

See, I made a video about, so why not just let the video do the talking this time.

Over To You: Are Wide Ties Better?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this topic.

In this video I am wearing the Neptune tie from Ed Ruiz Menswear collection. Click the Add to cart button below to get yours:

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The correct answer, as usual, is “it depends”. There are times when a skinnier tie might be preferable. For me, it’s when I wear a v-neck sweater and/or a button-down collar. For any other occasion, I prefer my ties between 3.5" and 3.75". I’m not particularly tall, but I do my overhead pressing and LOTS of pulling, so I’ve got a little width going on up top. And my usual preference is for textured, un-patterned ties. A wider tie helps the textures set the tone (and give you a really sexy dimple). For a strongly patterned tie, dropping down into the 3"-3.5" range helps it not be too overwhelming (if it’s not partially covered by a sweater or waistcoat).

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