Will neckties every make a true comeback and effectively rule the world?

That's the question for today's blog post.

And that's a question that I have been asking myself for too long as well. Being a part of the industry, even if Ed Ruiz Menswear is just short one year old, makes me wonder what the future holds for necktie brands and necktie enthusiasts alike.

So, will neckties come back with full force?

The first thing we need to address is the following:

Has The Necktie Really Ever Gone Away?

When faced with this question, some would say yes. The tie is nowadays a thing of the past.

Some others would say absolutely not. The tie is as actual today as it was in past years or decades.

And then some others, like me, have a more nuanced take on this.

I will concede that the necktie, in my opinion, is not as popular as it has been during certian periods of time in the past.

Then on the other hand, I am sure the necktie enjoys more popularity and acceptance right now than it has in some other periods of the last and current centuries.

But circling back to this question, I will be very blunt: I do not believe neckties have ever really gone away. At all.

But will they ever reach peak popularity in the future? Well...

Will Neckties Ever Rule The World?

Hmm... I'd like to say they will, but will they?

And of course, how would we define "ruling the world" for all practical purposes?

After all, everybody wants to rule the world, right?

(Any excuse to plug in my taste in music haha).

Anyway, one can hardly define this concept. And that's particularly true when it comes to style or a certain garment like the necktie.

But I guess we could agree that "ruling the world" in this scenario would be simply mean enjoying widespread popularity, so let's go with that as our official goal here to answer whether ties will ever, in fact, become rulers of the world.

Having widespread popularity as the metric to measure against, my answer to the question this post poses would be...

No. Neckties Will Not Ever Reach Widespread Popularity.

And you have no idea how sad that makes me feel.

Well, I guess "sad" is a bit too much, I am not really sad about it. It just really sucks, you know?

But you see, no matter how much that reality sucks and much I would like to give you a different answer, I can't simply deny the truth that is so clear in front of me.

Neckties will never reach general and extensive appreciation any more.

I could be wrong, though. And nothing would make me happier to do some due word-swallowing in a future post.

But the way things are going with the world these days, including style and particularly men's style, I just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. There could be one, but maybe I just need to wait a little longer for it to become visible.

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Some Proof

Ed Ruiz 3 Inch Necktie

Pretty much all office work has evolved to being more casual and even in those places that still give the freedom to the employees to choose whether or not wear a tie, most men will choose not to.

Outside the most enthusiastic of us in the world, neckties are rarely an interesting garment to most men these days. I may not have scientifically proven numbers, but I'd bet most young men would rather spend their money on the newest/coolest pair of kicks out there than getting themselves a nice elegant tie.

Again, I may be wrong and I'd love to be proven wrong in the comments. So by all means, young men reading this, prove me wrong now.

And this is the case in many areas of modern life.

Personal expression has taken over clear-cut rules and old style precepts. Which all in all is a good thing, I'd say.

I would very much know that whoever I see wearing a necktie nowadays does so because he loves to wear it, not because he has to.

There is a huge difference in both approaches and I'm ok with our group of passionate necktie wearers falling all under the former rather than the latter.

Why I'm Positive Regardless Of How Popular Neckties Are These Days

You may be wondering why I would launch Ed Ruiz Menswear, which for now focuses on selling neckties (and soon other men's accessories), if I am not totally convinced that neckties will win more popularity in the near future.

Fair question.

But the thing is, I am positive for the future of the necktie.

This does not mean I live in a delusional world where I expected all men to rock amazing Prince Albert knots and bold Windsors around the corner.

Not at all.

But I know you. Yeah, those of you reading this blog. Those of you following me on my social media pags. Those of you sending me encouraging emails. Those of you supporting this venture. Those of you necktie devotees. I know you and I know you well.

And I'm sure it's more than enough of us to keep the necktie wearing tradition alive and healthy for years and years to come.

Neckties do not need to rule the world.

As long as they rule our world, it's all gonna be ok.

Thanks for reading.



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Long live the tie.

I’ve worn ties for most of my 44 years on this rock we call home, and I’m not about to stop. I wear them for any occasion I feel warrants one, for much the same reason I wear a sport coat or suit. Respect and humility. Taking that extra step to show that you really want to be there instead of following the current trend of Pajama Casual shows respect for others. “I showed up, didn’t I?” is the common refrain, as if a person’s mere presence is the highlight of the event. Put forth that extra little bit of time and effort to say “I respect you and what brought us here” without having to open your mouth.

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