What? A necktie for Father's Day?!?!?!

I hear you scream with an I-can't-believe-I-am-reading-this attitude, but just hear me out.

Enough with this senseless smear against neckties, I say!

Give me a chance to explain why I truly believe the necktie is still the ultimate gift for a Dad on Father's Day and who knows? I may en up changing your mind.

What Makes A Good Father's Day Present?

It all begins with this question.

Satisfying, But Quick Gifts For Father's Day

Some would say the best gift is something that a dad can actually enjoy. It could be games, it could be tools, it could be tickets to a concert or a sporting event.

Yeah, I won't deny it. Those are cool gifts.


Although, some people would say those gifts are a bit too sporadic. Yeah, they are nice for a while, but most of these eventually end up in the back of a closet or pild up in the garage a bunch of other stuff (including past Father's Day gifts).

Being realistic. That's the case for many of these gifts.

Now there's another category of gifts. The type that may not be as exciting initially, but can have more lasting effects in the long run.

Long-Lasting Gifts For Fathers

It could be buying a course for your dad. You know, like a Spanish language course (or any other language for that matter, but you know I'm biased for Spanish, being my mother tongue).

I'm basically talking about those presents that in time will make your dad's life better or richer or help him expand his horizons.

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Now these are super cool presents, there's no way around it. They simply are.

But yeah... they can be a bit underwhelming at the beginning since they don't convey their full potential right away. These are slow burners.

Not to mention they do require some work to deliver their punch.

There's a third option.

Some would say this is a boring one. It kind of is. Well, it could be.


Yeah, it can be a lame gift and not only for Father's Day. It does feel sometimes like clothes as gifts feel like a simple choice, but in reality they end up being  the worst of both worlds.

Is it just me or most people do not really love clothes they are gifted? It really doesn't matter the good intentions the other person had when shopping for those clothes.

We never seem to actually get it right and choose a piece of clothing that the person being celebrated will truly, I mean truly, enjoy.

That doesn't mean we are ungrateful idiots (well, some of us can be haha), and specially not dads, as I am sure they really appreciate anything they're gifted.

But it just never seems to go well with regular clothes. Or am I wrong here? Please tell me!

Plus, aren't clothes just a bit frivolous? Particularly when competing against a cool experience or a cool puzzle or an interesting course.

I'm too harsh on clothing while also running a menswear brand, I know, but when I'm not speaking lies here.

Now what if I tell you there is a perfect gift for Father's Day that manages to encapsulate the best of all types of gifts?

Well, that's what I'm about to tell you.

And you know what I'm talking about.

Why Neckties Are The Best Gift For Father's Day

So let's say you want to give your dad a present from the first category, that is immediately cool, fun and that he can get its benefits right away?

Well, a necktie is a perfect choice here. A colorful, bold necktie like my Sun silk necktie just delivers awesomeness right there, right then.

For men that love puzzles and games, isn't a necktie actually a kind of a puzzle or a type of game? Considering the different knots you can make with it, and how all of them do require practice to perfect, one could even say a necktie is a puzzle game one gets to wear!

On top of it being instantly gratifying, a necktie also covers that bases of the second category of gifts described above.

A necktie can also be an amazing long-time gift that just keeps on giving and giving for years to come.

A well tied and well worn tie will open many doors for any man, including every dad out there.

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Whether it's for an interview for a new job or other special occasions, by gifting your dad with a new, classic and elegant necktie, you have effectively changed his future opportunities for the better.

Now how do neckties fit in the third category, "clothes"? Well, this is quite obvious, of course, so I won't go deep into it, but the point here is that a tie goes beyond every other piece of frivolous clothing you can give a man.

A necktie makes a man looks his absolute best in terms of style, but also in terms of professionalism.

Simply put: neckties rule and neckties are still and will remain for many, many years the absolute best gift you could give your dad on Father's Day.

Give your dad a cool tie this year.

Or give him some other lame gift, just don't complain if you're out his will in no time, ok?

Father wanted necktie for Father's Day

Stay dapper, friends.




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