Neckties are awesome.

That's a fact. A scientifically proved fact, if you ask me. Of course, me being the scientist and therefore it is me claiming this is a fact.

But you have to admit, neckties are truly special and if you are a follower of my online presence, or an Ed Ruiz Menswear customer already, I'm sure you agree with me here.

Still, as great as neckties are, they are not safe from myths and from misinformation. You know, it comes with being awesome.

So let's take a look at three of the most common myths about neckties and try to debunk them all, one and for all.

1. Wearing Neckties is Uncomfortable

Perhaps the most common myth about neckties and actually wearing neckties.

Now, are neckties really uncomfortable? Well, I'll be blunt about in my response: NO. Neckties are definitely not uncomfortable.

So am I denying those who claim neckties are uncomfortable of their own lived experience?

Not, not all, but I think there is more to it than the "neckties are uncomfortable" simplification.

In my experience, from my own personal history wearing ties (and you know I wear them A LOT), it is one of out of two (or possibly both) things that are usually to blame whenever a man feels like a tie can be uncomfortable.

  1. The necktie is worn too tight around the man's neck. Yes, some men will claim with absolutely certainty that their necktie feels too tight around their neck when it is actually the shirt collar that is causing this discomfort. This can easily be fixed by making sure you wear the right shirt collar size for your neck.
  2. They're simply not used to wearing ties. Men who never, or very rarely, wear ties are simply not used to the feeling of having something ties and hanging form their necks, regardless if it's actually tight or not. Of course wearing a tie can be considered slightly more uncomfortable than not wearing one, but wearing ties more often can change this. Here's a challenge: wear a tie more often, wear it daily for a week. Soon you will hardly even notice it around your neck.


Myths about neckties

2. Neckties Are Going Out of Style

Now this is a difficult one because frankly, one could easily come to this conclusion that neckties are losing popularity or are going of style.

I have to actually admit, in some way, this myth can actually be true.

However, things are not as cut and dry as you would expect. Specially when talking about style and moreso when talking about such a timeless piece of menswear, the necktie.

Sure, the necktie may be losing ground in some places and industries where just a few years ago, it was expected to see every man wearing one. Think banks, insurance companies and some others fields. Yes, nowadays neckties are not that common in those circles.

However, I do see a growth in the true interest in neckties from men all around the globe.

And I mean a more genuine interest. One that comes from a true interest and passion for this beautiful piece of clothing rather than from an enforced dress code or company policy.

That's my light at the end of this tunnel.

All the men out there, including you reading this article, are living proof to me that the popularity of the necktie is alive and well, specially amongst those who really care.

No. Neckties are not really going out of style. Neckties are here to stay.


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3. Neckties Are Bad For Your Health

If I am not mistaken, I have already discussed this notion that neckties are bad for health in a previous blog post or an old video on my YouTube channel, can't quite remember.

But long story short, neckties can reduce the free flow of blood to the head, raise intraocular eye pressure and even spread infections. Feel free to read this link for more info on these conclusions.

Now I am not a doctor or anything similar, so I may no be the best person to debunk these conclusions and this blog post should not be considered by anyone in any way as medical advice.

What I wil say, though, is that if these findings are true, then they don't really mean you can simply say "neckties are bad for your health", just like that. Cause that would not be accurate.

If neckties can, in fact, reduce blood flow to the brain or cause eye problems, then do not wear your ties too tight (see myth #1 above).

If neckties can help spread infections, so can a huge number of things out there, including most garments a man or a woman could wear, so I don't see why neckties would be particularly called out.

Solution? Be aware of how and where you are wearing your necktie.

Wedding? Sure! Business meeting? Sure! Dinner? Sure! Surgery room? Nope!

Simple as that.

Neckties are not bad for your health. In fact, men look so awesome wearing ties that I'd say that's good for everybody's health. How about that? That's my opinion and I stand by it.


Ed Ruiz Neckties

Bonus: Neckties Are a Phallic Symbol

Yes, seriously, some people will say neckties are a symbol for hmm... well... read the subheader for this myth and you'll know what I mean.

Or what these people mean, to be more exact.

Now you can easily go online, make a quick search to learn about the history of the necktie and realize that its origin has absolutely nothing to do with any explicit or impplicit phallic symbology.

Not the why of its invention nor the how, the what or the who could possibly indicate any existing link between these two things, that is, neckties and phallic symbols.

Sure, ties do have a two pointy ends to them and they do point downwards from a male torso.

But this most certainly is in no way proof of anything.

Lastly, related to this myth, please do not assume what the reasons are for a man to choose to wear a necktie.

Most times a necktie is just a necktie.



Neckties, for some weird reason seem to be a magnet for a lot of myths and outright falsehoods.

I guess it has to do with the fact that some men truly hate them. Crazy, I know!

It is mostly an unfounded hate, I must add. But it's a real dislike that these men have for neckties and therefore, it is just expected that eventually some outrageous claims about ties will pop up every now and then.

And that's OK. As long as I'm around to debunk any new negative myths about neckties, I will continue to do so.

Stay dapper and wear your neckties, gentlemen.




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You can keep the damn things – the sooner they are GONE for good, the better! Hot, uncomfortable, unnecessary and stupid. Yea, you can get used to anything – I can wear 3 inch stiletto heels all day long too, but I’d never claim they’re comfortable.


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