Trends. They come and go. And in general, we could say that most men who enjoy the more classic side of men's style try to consciously avoid falling trap of trends.

Why do we avoid those trends?

Again, because they come and go.

The necktie width that is considered trending this year may look completely out of place the next year!

That is how fast trends move in the fashion word, and unfortunately, not only in he fashion world, but also in the more classic men's style world and how wide neckties should be according to each season or year can show signifcant variation.

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Is Necktie Width Really Influenced By Trends?

Sadly, yes. Yes, necktie width, or what at any given time is considered the correct necktie width, can and does fluctuate as trends come and go.

Honestly, it seems no piece of clothing is safe from the gravity pull of trends. Not even the suit, as timeless as we may consider it.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise what people around you, or even men's style bloggers, will qualify as the correct necktie width for a season, could very soon be a thing of the past.

We just have to deal with it and try our best to understand the current trends. Not to emulate them and incorporate them into our personal styles, but to be cautious not to let ourselves be swallowed whole by whatever trend is dominating the scene around us.

 So, What's The Appropriate Necktie Width For 2021?

Yeah, I know, I know, "appropriate" may be too strict of a word when framing a concept as that of men's style, and particularly trends in that realm. Let's simply go with what's the trending tie width for 2021.

Well, I've got some good news and some bad news for you.

First the good news.

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Wider ties are making a serious comeback in 2021

That's right. It has actually been a growing trend for a couple years already, but I am thinking, if the trend that seemed to be consolidating during 2021 continues, then wider ties will be the go-to choice for most style-oriented men that love wearing ties.

I am seeing 3.5" neckties becoming a strong trend this year for sure.

Want some more good news? Well of course, Ed Ruiz Menswear is carrying some amazing 3.5" neckties for all of you. Make sure you visit the store and navigate the first collection, the Ed Ruiz Menswear Planets collection.

Now the bad, or not-so-good news.

Thin neckties can still dominate certain scenes

If you were to step out of the most classically-oriented communities, either in person or online, you will notice that many fashion-inclined men out there that choose to wear neckties as part of their suit and tie ensembles, are still very much favoring thin or even skinny neckties.

Is that a terrible thing?

No, it is not. A necktie is still better than no necktie, in my opinion.

But as principle, Ed Ruiz Menswear was envisioned as a brand that embraced the wider tie from the get-go. That is 3.5" or 4" wide ties.

I admit it, it can be a selfish reason to also promote the rise of the popularity of wider ties, but believe me when I say it really goes beyond that.

I genuinely think that wider ties are more flattering for men than their skinny counterparts.

Yes, there is a lot to be said of each man's body shape and how that can influence what's the best necktie width for each man.

There is also the discussion about the width of the lapels of the jacket said man will wear as part of his outfit.

And we will of course cover those topics in future posts in the blog and news section of Ed Ruiz Menswear, stay tuned.

On the fence? Try wider ties on 2021

I know it's still all speculation on my part, I get it. Although, I must say these are well-informed guesses based on some clear trends already happening, like already described in the previous paragraphs.

So if you are a man that loves ties and wants to stay current in terms of the width of your ties. Or is you simply want to help in cementing the dominance of wider ties during this new year, I would personally invite you to give the wider variant of ties a try this year.

Who knows? We may finally skip the whole trending/no trending game and make the slightly wider ties a permanent choice for all men's style enthusiasts out there.

Ah that'd be nice...

Thanks for reading.




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