How far down should my tie go?

Is my necktie too long?

What's the proper tie length?

Yes, all very common questions. Maybe some of the most common questions I've read related to neckties. They just keep bubbling up time and time again.

So I figured I might as well dedicate a full blog post here in the Ed Ruiz Menswear blog to this topic: how long should a necktie be?

But first, let's clarify something:

Necktie Length VS Actual Necktie Length When Tied And Worn

It may sound dumb to feel the need to clarify this, but it can sound ambiguous to just say proper necktie length.

I'm not a fan of ambiguity and I really don't want you or any other readers wasting their time reading a post about a topic that is not what you came here for.

This post is about how far down your tie should hang when worn, so that means, the actual necktie length when tied.

NOT the actual lenght of the tie when extended, ok?

Now that we're on the same page, let's move on.

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How Low Should Your Necktie Hang?

The rule here is very simple.

When you have tied you necktie and pulled up the knot to your collar band, the tip of your necktie fall down to meet the top of your belt or your trousers waistband.

This is what most necktie connoisseurs will say is the correct length of a tied necktie.

And you know, that is actually true.

At least, that is what is considered "proper", for lack of a better term here.

the tip of your necktie fall down to meet the top of your belt or your trousers waistband.

The correct length of a necktieIs This Necktie Length Rule A Strict Rule?

Now this could be a bit controversial, depending on your personal take on your own style and considering there are many necktie myths floating around, it is understandable that you may question any rule you come across.

Keeping it short, for those people who are really traditional in their approach to style, this will always be a hard and fast rule that should not be broken.

I guess me, personally, would fall inside this first group.

There are some others, the more adventurous ones, many of whom I am friends with, that take a more relaxed attitude towards the tie length topic.

You know, the sprezza gang or however you want to call them.

You'll see them rocking their neckties in longer or shorter configurations.

You will even see them wearing the narrow end of the tie hanging lower than the wider blade.

They're CRAZY like that. But we love them for who they are and for how they own their necktie style.

Again, I am more of a conventional dresser, which is just as acceptable.

I will draw a line though. You know I love drawing lines.

If you are wearing a tie to a professional setting like a job interview or a party where you do want to look at your absolute most elegant, then stick with the classic, timeless rule to know how low your necktie should fall.

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Now A Little Flexibility Is Always Good

I'm sure this doesn't only happen to me and many of you will feel as if I am practically describing you too.

Some days, with some ties worn in some knots, it seems that no matter how hard you try, you can't manage to make it just the riiiiiight length for it to neatly rest above your belt or waistband.

You tie it. Too short. You untie it. You tie it. Too long. You untie it. You tie it... and on and on and on.

No wonder we can have a hard time following the most basic tips to take of our ties sometimes!

So here I would encourage all of you members of the dapper people that make up the Ed Ruiz Menswear community to cut yourselves some slack.

Your tie lenght does not have to be perfect.

Your necktie may end up a bit too short, or a bit too long.

Do not sweat it.

It's all cool. As long as it is nothing extreme, you're good to go.

Necktie Length Gallery - The Good And The Bad In Images

They say an image speaks louder than a million words.

So let's put that to test here.

Traditional Proper Necktie Length

First, a necktie worn with the proper length, that is, the tip of the tie meets the waistband of the trousers.

proper necktie length

Necktie That Hangs Too Short

Now this is what your necktie will look like if you tie it in a way that it hangs too short.

Necktie that hangs too short

Necktie That Hangs Too Long

Now let's take a look at the opposite. A necktie that hangs way too long.

necktie hanging too low

The Sprezzatura Approach

You know I had to include it too! Use this approach at your own risk... seriously!

Sprezzatura tie length

How Long Will You Wear Your Neckties?

Now I'd love to hear from all of you, my fellow necktie enthusiasts.

What's your personal approach to tie length?

Do you adhere strictly to the more traditional and widely accepted rules or do you have a more relaxed approach to it?

Or maybe are you a proud member of the sprezza gang?

Personally, I can't help but stick to what I know best and remain a subscriber of the more traditional, timeless styles like 3.5" inch wide neckties and a tip that neatly touches my trousers' waistband.

But again, I'd love to read your thoughts on this topic, so make sure to leave a comment  below.


Thank you,


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